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Network and Telecommunications Solutions in Central Florida


Cabling Solutions

Did you know nearly everything in your business requires the correct cables and connection equipment to operate on a network within your business? The telephone systems, your data and surveillance systems. CompAge Inc installs top-quality cable and equipment for voice, data, and surveillance systems. The cables and equipment installed are tested and certified to ensure you receive the quality and reliability needed for your critical business communication systems. We're proud to offer a 15 or 25 year warranty on all category 5 networks we install through Panduit. We also handle everything from prewiring, testing, moves, adds, and service changes. CompAge Inc also offers wi-fi solutions in networking between buildings by setting up intenius antennas. Call us at 863-401-9404 to schedule an appointment for cabling.

Interior Cabling & Termination

  • Fiber Optic Cable
  • Category 5e Ethernet Cable
  • Category 6a Ethernet Cable
  • Category 3 Voice Cable
  • Coaxial Cable
  • Patch Cable
  • Relay Racks
Ethernet Cable - Cabling Solutions in Central Florida
Aerial Voice Cable Telephone Systems in Central Florida

Exterior Cabling & Termination

  • Direct Burial Fiber Optic Cables
  • Aerial Fiber Optic Cables
  • Direct Burial Voice Cables
  • Aerial Voice Cable

Interior & Exterior Certification Services

  • Fiber Optic Cable
  • Category 5e Ethernet Cable
  • Category 6a Ethernet Cable
  • Category 3 Voice Cable
Fiber Optic Cable - Cabling Solutions in Central Florida

Telecommunications (Voice and Data Networking)

One of the most important pieces of equipment in your business is your telecommunications system. You rely on your telephones to converse with your customers, coordinate your internal operations, and gather critical information. In short, your telephones need to work for your business to run smoothly. CompAge Inc has delivered reliable business telecommunication systems, service, and support for over three decades. Our customers can count on us to keep them communicating.
We offer a complete range of voice network system services for businesses. We'll help you determine what type of system fits your current and future operations. The goal is to ensure that your communication needs are matched by the systems we install. We also have cutting-edge voice integration products and services that can improve your internal operations, reducing communication costs.

CompAge Inc provides a 1-year warranty on our installations, and back the manufacturer equipment warranties of the products we sell within our comprehensive set of 24/7 maintenance services.

Key System Unit (KSU) and Private Branch Exchange (PBX) Systems

CompAge Inc sells, installs, and maintains a wide variety of new and refurbished KSU and PBX equipment, and can provide the right voice system solution for any size business.

Single & Multiline Telephones

We install and support attendant consoles as well as a full range of desk and wall-mounted telephone products for business use. Our technicians can install additional telephones for your systems and perform the internal KSU or PBX system setups required to activate additional extensions and features you want to use.

Dedicated or Shared Facsimile & Modem Connections

We will help you organize and expand your office communication setups for fax and data connections. Our special equipment will provide efficient use of your dedicated lines.

Overhead & Plant Paging Systems

Single or multiple-zone paging capability in your facilities prevents you from missing important customer calls, and allows you and your staff to stay in touch, regardless of the size of your premises.

Call Accounting & Toll-Fraud Detection Systems

Efficient call accounting provides the foundation for independent billing and charge-backs within your organization. Toll-fraud detection eliminates unnecessary charges and allows you to control access to your local and long-distance services.

Also Serviced

  • Voice Mail Systems
  • Digital Announcers & Message On-Hold Units
  • Lightning Protection, Surge Protection, & Line Conditioners
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies.


CompAge Inc works with many distributors in areas of Telephone Communications Equipment to ensure your business has the cutting-edge technology that is demanded today. Listed below are just a few of the many systems we have experience and technical skills in to apply custom systems to businesses since 1987.
If you're looking for more information concerning these company products, call us at 863-401-9404 or fill out our contact form.

Surveillance Systems

CompAge Inc offers surveillance system solutions to offer businesses more than peace of mind. Installing security cameras could provide real value for your business, such as:
  • Video Evidence - High-resolution footage and sound recordings capture everything that happens on your property. While the main purpose is to catch criminals with intent to steal or vandalize, you could end up capturing far more than intended.
  • Deterrent for Wrong Doings - The mere presence of a security camera is enough to stop some vandals or burglars. They are less inclined to do criminal acts when they could be captured on film.
  • Aid for Your Alarm System - When you combine security cameras with a business alarm system, you'll be able to realize all the benefits of an effective security system. When an alarm sounds, a criminal may panic and give something away. This in combination with the video, could stop wrongdoers in the act and also capture footage of their attempts.