The ever-changing world of communications takes on new shapes almost daily. When the word “Communications” is used these days it surpasses the legacy telephone to include all forms of exchanging voice and data transmission. Most people are completely overwhelmed by the amount of companies offering “Local, Long distance, Cellular, Internet Access (ISP), Web Hosting, E-Commerce etc. This does not include the amount of vendors you have to pick from whose job it is to ensure your communications system stays up and running.

In an effort to help you maximize the use of your communications here is a list of options that should assist in the daunting task of cost-effective communications.

Do not take your “dial-tone” provider or communications vendor lightly; they are one of your most vital assets to ensure customers can reach you. Remember – there is no way to measure “lost revenue”, so choose your providers wisely.

  • Put enough Central Office (C.O.) lines in a rotary group to ensure your customers or potential customers can reach your establishment, but not so many that one or more are always idle – busy signals could mean lost revenue.
  • Use B-1 C.O. lines connected to your communications system for out-going calls from your business – this type of line is cheaper on a monthly recurring basis because they are not in a telco rotary group.
  • Share your facsimile (Fax) line with modems and/or your telephone system if you do not make or receive a large volume of fax’s – remember most all modern Fax machines have an “auto-redial” feature when they receive a busy signal.
  • If you have twelve (12) or more C.O. Lines you may want to consider a T-1 Line (provided your communications system can accommodate it), this may give you access to more C.O. lines at about the same cost and give you a more competitive long distance rate.
  • If your communications system will accommodate “single-line” devices, you can install low-cost “analog” telephones in harsh environments to save on service calls, you may also install modem and/or Fax machines to share your out-going pool of lines and eliminate “dedicated” lines for each.
  • Review your monthly phone bill without fail, look for unsolicited charges, be aware of any noticeable change in the billing amount, if something appears wrong – question it.