Fiber Optic cable is made of glass, therefore the ground potential between buildings does not affect your networks, be it data (i.e. Switches, NIC cards, Etc.) or DVR/ CCTV Systems. Your initial cost for a fiber network are many times greater than a copper solution, however, the first lightning strike in your general area might offset those savings and it may happen again right after you get everything repaired. IT IS WORTH THE INVESTMENT. The old Cliché’ about “insurance being cheap” does not do Fiber Optic cabling justice.

Fiber Optic cabling has found it’s footing due to the electronic manufacturers designing a Fiber Optic Media Converter for almost every application. What is your application that keeps getting struck by lightning every third year on the outset? Call CompAge, Inc. and get an estimate to install Fiber Optic cabling to correct the down time issues Mother Nature causes on a near annual basis.

We install Fiber Optic cabling for the following:
  • Data networks between buildings.
  • CCTV cameras.
  • RS485 Remote Controls.
  • Fire Alarm Panels (Fiber installed & certified only)
  • Audio/ Video Systems

Most applications of Fiber Optic cabling only need a one gigabit rating, however, if you have a server application between buildings or closets that require more band width, we can install 10Gigabit Fiber & connectors for your current or future needs. All installations are EIA/TIA certified to ensure every fiber strand meets your needs.

If you are thinking you may need a Fiber Optic solution to your networking needs, give us a call to get a free survey and professional opinion to ensure you are investing your money correctly.