Not every business requires Voice over Internet Protocol phone systems.
As with all things electronic these days, there is a multitude of options when it comes to your communications needs. Let’s focus on the voice side of things in this post; to be more to the point, Voip and your business needs. There are multiple choices when considering a VoIP system;
  1. Local (on-site) Server based, connected to your local Telco via, Analog lines, T-1 or T-1/PRI or Cable Modems.
  2. Local (on-site) Server based with a “Remote” (Off-site) Back-up Server via your internet connection.
  3. Off-site Server based systems install IP phones on your site talking to their servers via the internet in their Central Office.
  4. Hybrid Server systems that incorporate “Legacy” digital telephones as well as their newer cousins the VoIP Telsets, with all their components on-site.

Now some things to consider:

  • Are you a small business that either does their own in-house IT work or contract it out? VoIP phones run on your data network unless you wire it separately; do you have the time or tools to invest in an intermittent problem on your data network?
  • Do you have any remote staff, be it sales or otherwise? If so, a VoIP phone can make it seamless to your customers and your on-site staff when communicating with a remote location.
  • Does your business require the need to transfer your calls to your cell phone while you are out of the office, if so, the Hybrid/Legacy phone systems as well as the VoIP systems can accomplish this.
  • If your application requires low-cost Single Line (Analog) phones throughout your Processing Plant Environment to communicate with employees, you may be better off avoiding a strictly VoIP system as their interfaces to the VoIP system are cumbersome and not as reliable as a Hybrid/Legacy Analog Port.

These are just some of the options and high-lights to consider in your next communications investment. As always, please contact us if you are considering an upgrade to your current communications system for a free on-site professional evaluation